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JurisDeed breaks down barriers to taking title and maximizing your real estate investments.

Built for all Real Estate Investors.

JurisDeed gives you the information and tools you need to efficiently buy, manage, and sell real estate investments of all kinds. Our legal party investigative reports and compliance analysis gives you the tools to maximize the value of your real estate portfolio.
Tax Sales

Legal research and compliance tools to simplify the management of your portfolio.


Increase ROI by identifying owners and making deals before the auction.

Legal Party Investigations

The best and most accurate information gives you the knowledge to move forward with confidence.

Title Insurance

Our defect correcting services clear the obstacles to title insurance and marketable property.

Identify parties that have an interest
in your investment.

Find out who has an interest in your property and how to contact them so you can realize your investment's potential.
Sitting on money
Capitol Building

Stay in compliance
with laws and regulations.

Know what to do and when, or let us handle it for you, so that you remain in compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

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